You’ve probably noticed by now that we are using basic math and essentially counting calories during the FORME Selfie Challenge. We are doing this beacuse it allows you, like Weight Watchers, to choose your own adventure and enjoy your life while losing weight. But you’re smart, and you know you love empty calories in sodas and juices, so during this process you’ve opted for diet drinks over regular because the label clearly states "ZERO CALORIES!" I’m going to advise you against that, and here’s why…
Diet drinks are laced with sugar substitutes, such as aspartame, which sweeten your drink like regular sugar but without all the calories. Amazing, right? Unfortunately, it’s not. It would be better for you to consume the calories of real sugar (even High Fructose Syrup) because your body can process that sugar and rid your body of it immediately. You body cannot process the chemicals that make up aspartame, so where does it go when you drink it? It gets stored as fat!!!
The second reason I suggest real sugar over substitutes is that sugar substitutes do the same thing to your body’s glucose levels, raise them so your body believes its receiving a new load of energy. But what happens when you don’t have the sugar to process? Your glucose levels have spiked, but your body received nothing in return, so you start to crave MORE sugar…and in turn, probably eat something even worse than the original juice or soda you had planned on and your body now has another glucose spike.
I suggest real cane sugar, agave nectar, honey for real sugars, and Stevia for a sugar substitute. Stevia is a plant based substance that sweetens your drinks, it’s more natural than other substitute products. Vitamin Water Zero actually uses stevia as its sugar replacement, so reach for one of those the next time you feel a craving coming on!
How was your first day on Lose It? Were you under or over your calorie intake? Did you get in one of your 6 workouts?