There are only so many days a person can eat eggs, or oatmeal, or even bacon. When we get bored with our breakfast, we make poor decisions by hitting a Chick-Fil-A drive through for a 700 calorie chicken biscuit or just skipping the meal all-together. Neither one of these can happen on your road to your goals, but we can come up with some healthy breakfast alternatives that take under 10 minutes to make and taste great!

Serve with mashed avocado or pop that avocado inside! Excellent source of protein, fats, and carbs. Fills you up all morning and it rounds out to an under 350 calorie breakfast!

Personally, I replace almond milk with coconut milk to get the extra healthy fats and keep me full until noon.

Use whole grain or flax seed bread over white or wheat. Cook your eggs how you want; over easy, hard boiled, scrambled, you choose! You can also use fresh guac instead of plain avocado!

Quinoa Cups from Iowa Girl Eats:Quinoa is a fantastic source of carbs and protein. Choose your favorite meat protein (chicken, ham, bacon, chorizo, etc.) and head out the door every morning with a breakfast to-go!