You’re working so hard at FORME, the last thing you want to do is blow it at a Super Bowl party. Let’s be honest, we aren’t really there for the game, even though Tom Brady is super hot. We’re there for the party, and with the party comes snacks and drinks. Here are my tips & tricks for staying skinny during the Super Bowl!
1. Eat Before You Go! Eat a full meal prior to the party so you won’t feel the need to snack. You can still enjoy a few items, but if you aren’t starving, you won’t need to gorge on chips and salsa.
2. Change your snack carrier! I talk about this all the time. Change the way you transport your food to your mouth and cut thousands of calories at a time. Having a cookout? Burgers are great with a fork and knife! BAKED wings are a great option (hit Publix for their wings since they aren’t breaded!). Eat guac with spinach chips or veggies. Tacos? Use a big leaf of lettuce. Try to stay away from the potato chips, tortillas, buns and breads.
3. Bring a meat and cheese plate! EVERYONE loves meats and cheeses, and a little salumi board always makes a party great. Best part about it? You look like the all-star guest and you can keep your calories low by snacking on it all night. SO tasty, and a perfect, carb-free way to stay on track.
4. Don’t Drink Your Calories! I know it’s an All-American sport and maybe you want to enjoy some All-American Buds, but if you’re trying to hit your goals, those Budweisers aren’t helping. Lucky for you, Super Bowls are on Sunday which means you have work (and 6am FORME) on Monday! Limit your intake to 2 high calorie beers, or switch to a light beer. I’m not a big beer drinker, so I still stick to vodka waters at parties, and when I feel like adding a little something to it, I use one of my Skinny Girl water enhancers or Crystal Light. Even grab some Skinny GIrl margaritas or sangria, Bethany Frankel knows what she is doing and sweetened them with Stevia. Who doesn’t love the girl who brought the low cal drinks? I know I do.
5. Use Small Plates! There’s only so much food a plate can handle, and the smaller your plate, the less you can put on it. Restrict from the start and if you’re still hungry after round 1, have a drink, then go back for round 2. Chances are, you won’t need round 2 (or 3…or 6.)
These tricks work for all types of parties, so make the small changes and don’t ruin your hard work. As for who wins? I like to bet on the team with the hottest QB, but this year it might be a tie!