Today marks the beginning of Spring which also means that crop tops, tanks, shorts and swimsuits are coming out to play! We’re launching a new challenge for April and you need to bring your social game with you!
We’re challenging you to hit 20 FORME classes in the 30 days of April, but that’s not the only way to win! Here’s how it’s going down:
Every class attended = 2 points

Two-A-Day = 1 extra point (max 2 per week!)
Social Media Post = 1 point (must use #teenybikinitoneup #getyourFORMEon)
Social Media Rules: Instagram & Twitter must use @formestudios #teenybikinitoneup and #getyourFORMEon. Facebook posts must be public so we can see them! Snapchat users must follow formestudios on snapchat for us to follow back. Snaps must be sent as stories!
Are there winners? Of course!
There will be multiple winners!
The #FORMEgirl who completes the 20 in 30 fastest will receive a $50 gift card to Athleta! The #FORMEgirl with the highest number of points at the end of the challenge will win a FREE MONTH OF FORME!EVERY girl who completes the 20 in 30 will receive a free FORME class!
There will also be extra giveaways throughout the challenge to keep everyone motivated!
FORME challenges are always fun! Share this with your girlfriends and encourage everyone to get bikini ready together! Friends who FORME together are the best kind of friends!
Purchase a unlimited membership to get the best bang for your buck! At $145 for the month it makes every class less than $8!
Get ahead of the game! Share the below image using the above social media rules and get 5 points to add to your total!

Email us to let us know that you’re in for the #teenybikinitoneup!