It’s Monday. I’m sure as your alarm went off this morning you wished you had left Sunday Funday a little earlier and gotten yourself ready for the week. But this isn’t the first week you’ve thought that, and honey, it won’t be the last! We’ve got all sorts of hacks for optimizing our cell phones, how to open wine when you don’t have a bottle opener, getting a jar open, etc. So today, we talk life hacks that will optimize your schedule and get your workouts on your schedule and save you money in late cancel and no show fees!
Use Your Commute: Swing by the gym on the way to or from work. You’ll cut out another hour of traffic time by packing your gear and making it a pit stop while also avoiding major traffic jams during peak rush hour. You’ll also guarantee you’ll make it to the gym more often because the couch won’t be able to suck you in after a long day.
One Hour Max: Keep your gym time to a max of one hour. By getting in and out quickly, you not only add another half hour to your day, you also don’t feel like it’s a chore.
Schedule Workouts With Friends: Haven’t seen your bestie in a while? Why grab drinks and a ton of extra calories? You’re friends because you have things in common, and I can bet hitting the gym is one of them. Arrive early, prepare for class and chit chat on the mat, then gab for a few minute after. Not only did you get your calorie burn in, but you also caught up on the most important details that have happened in each others’ lives.
Take a Lean Lunch: Hit a lunch time workout, especially on a Friday. Fridays tend to be a little less busy, so you have some wiggle room in your lunch hour. You can either bring a lunch to eat at your desk, grab something on the way back or use UberEats to have something delivered to the office!
Schedule Yourself Busy: Work always calling you or making you stay late? Calendar yourself as "busy" during the time you are headed to workout. Someone trying to catch you on the way out? Tell them to email you and you’ll get back to them in an hour. You can always head back to the office after relieving some stress and clearing your head, you’ll work better that way anyways. Or take your computer with you and work from home in the evening. You’ll be glad you did.
Try a few of these this week and #getyourFORMEon! See you at the studio!