I barely have time to make dinner as it is, but the WORST part about making meals is the prep time. You buy pre-bagged kale, and yet you stand there taking the stems out. If I can save 20 minutes of prep, I’m in, so when I found these kitchen gadgets, I was sold.

Chef’n Stripper
I was a little nervous when I Googled this guy, but it’s been revolutionary to all of my cooking. From stripping kale stems, chard or even just some rosemary, just insert the stem and pull it out the other side over a bowl. I’m done de-stemming the Trader Joe’s bagged kale. I’m done trying to get a teaspoon of rosemary off the stem. Stick it in. Pull it out. Eat it up. $7.99 on Amazon

Ninja Nutri Ninja Pro
Blenders are just a cumbersome kitchen appliance that really has no room in a FORME girl’s cupboard. Why do you need an entire blender when you’re only making one smoothie? There’s always extra that never keeps, a huge blender to try to clean and no counter space left in your apartment for anything! I use the Ninja to make my morning juices and smoothies, even soups in the winter. Just pour it into your favorite tumbler, stick the ninja capsule in the dishwasher and go. I even leave mine on the counter because it’s so small! $99 on Amazon.

Aroma Digital Rice & Steam Cooker
Crockpots and I do not get along. Somehow I mess it up or it just all tastes the same. Enter the Aroma rice cooker. Programmable and perfect for two people. Use the bottom to cook the rice and have a healthy meal all done at once by using the top to steam the rest of your dinner. Just pour a glass of wine and wait it out. $29.92 on Amazon
Add these to your everyday and you’ll be saving time, toning up and buying a new swimsuit (in a smaller size)!!