We talk an awful lot about balanced living at the studio, but what exactly is it? It’s living a healthy life, but also not feeling guilty about enjoying yourself either. As women, we’ve been conditioned to think that having a cupcake or a bagel or even just a piece of bread is terrible. Why? Why can’t we have our cake, eat it, and workout, too?
You absolutely can, even if you’re busy! First step to doing it? Eat 75% of your meals at home/make them at home. Too busy to grocery shop? If you have time to snap, insta or Facebook, you have time to open up instacart and buy the weekly essentials.

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My sister has usedInstacartfor about a year now, but I decided to test it out tonight to see how it was. As I sit here in my pajamas, I am proud to say my spinach, arugula, grapefruits and Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked were just delivered….at 9pm on a Sunday.
I’ve never used Instacart before, but this process could have taken only 5 minutes with a pre-set grocery list that you can have in your account. I tend to buy the same things most weeks: chicken breasts, ground turkey or beef, spinach, arugula, ice cream, fruit for smoothies, almond or coconut milk, broccoli, asparagus, and any of the essentials (pasta, rice, etc) that I’m out of. Even without my list, it only took 20 minutes to put everything together and pay. 90 minutes later, the delivery girl was at my door.
The downside is that some grocery stores (like Publix) charge extra for some items that you purchase. The upside is that ordering via Instacart with a 15% fee is still cheaper than eating out every day and that you’ll see yourself start to tone up, have better skin and lose weight way faster. (It’s also been shown that you spend less when you shop once a week versus going to the store every day!)
Click here for $10 off your first order and free deliveryand tag us when you get your order! Want to see what I purchased for me and Nate this week? Plus the ground turkey I have frozen from last week and essentials in the pantry, we’re all set for the weekdays for $70