FORME instructors are breaking a sweat multiple times a day, so how is it that they keep their skin so clear? You’ve asked many of us for our skincare secrets, but different skin means different skincare. So, who’s are you going to try out?

Ashley Ruppert: "I’m probably the poster child for what not to do for skin care. I have super sensitive skin. Sunscreen, face washes, makeup and most lotions irritate my skin. My only three tricks are moisturizer, sun protection and lots of fruits and veggies. For moisturizer, there’s only one type that doesn’t make me break out in a rash (have I told you one of my sister’s endearing nicknames for me is "rAshley"?) and that’s Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer. It’s light weight, good for sensitive skin and doesn’t break the bank.For sun protection I prefer to wear hats and sunglasses to protect my face. I also try to duck in the shade when I’m not doing something active. Because this face is about to turn 30, I’ve got to start thinking about sun damage and wrinkles.Probably the most important thing I do is eat excessive amounts of fruit and veggies. I’m convinced that nothing you put on top of your face beats what you put in your body."

Melanie Appel: "IN THE MORNINGI wash my face with Biore Blemish Flighting Ice Cleanser ($8). I find that using this at the beginning and end of the day ensure that my skin is super clean so I don’t break out. And if I do happen to break out, it helps heal the break out quickly.Now that I’m 31, I ALWAYS use an eye cream. Right now I’m a fan of Acure Organics Eye Cream ($17). It’s made with organic, natural ingredients that fight fine lines and relive puffiness. I use it all on the delicate skin area around my eyes and pat gently with my ring fingers to "activate" the moisturizer. (Not sure if that works, but whenever I get a facial they do that!) I use it around my lips, too! God forbid I get any wrinkles around my mouth from too many iced Americanos! After my skin is clean and eyes are prepped, I use copious amounts of Neutrogena Deep Moisture Day Cream with Sunscreen ($13).
IN THE EVENING When I get home in the evening, I wash my face almost immediately if I’m not going out again. I once read that the more skin can "breathe" without makeup the healthier it will be. At night when I wash my face I count to 100 and make sure I’ve really spent time to clean the skin. After all, I’ve had makeup on the skin’s surface all day, so want to make sure that while I sleep my skin can rejuvenate and repair itself. I follow the same Biore face wash + Acure eye cream routine as I do in the AM , but skip on the SPF at night. I ADORE Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré ($28) for the evening. Again, I slather this cream all over my face, neck and décolletage. If my skin is feeling particularly dry, I leave a bit of a layer so my skin can absorb the extra moisture. I adore this cream as it’s been a beauty favorite for ages and never disappoints!
EXTRA CREDIT These options are a little pricier, but they last a few months so overall the daily/weekly cost is low. A few times a week I use bliss that’s incredi-‘peel’! glycolic resurfacing pads ($49). These pads are AMAZING for removing any dead skin skills and brightening your complexion. If you have dry skin on you face, it can lead to breakouts and dull skin which is not cute! On other days of the week and depending on how my skin is feeling, I’ll do a moisturizing mask like the Fresh Rose Face Mask ($62) which smells lovely and adds makes my skin bright and glow-y the next day."

Hadley Hickner: "My all-time fav "skin care product" is simply Extra Virgin Coconut Oil! It’s super affordable and can be found at virtually any grocery store. I actually keep one jar in my bathroom as a skin care product and another in the kitchen for cooking. I use coconut oil to:
– Take off make up. I put a little dab on a cotton ball and gentle pull away my day’s make up. It leave my skin smooth and hydrated.
– Moisturize. I not only use it on my face, but also my body! I have keratosis Pilaris (tiny red bumps on my upper arms and legs). A weekly treatment of coconut oil on freshly washed skin has really helped to clear up my symptoms especially in the winter months
.- Shave my legs. Instead of investing in commercial shaving cream, I use my coconut oil instead! It has a really great invigorating tropical scent and leaves my legs silky smooth!"

Lauren Cunningham: "Hydration – half your body weight in ounces per day at least. Face Reality skin care products = lifesaving. A great product line!
Vegan face makeup – Ingredients like mineral oils, coconut oils, salts, are very harsh on acne prone skin. Okay to use on the rest of body but…if you’re acne prone, avoid those ingredients.
Ice – Feel a breakout or a cold sore coming on? Ice ice baby. The ice helps with inflammation and swelling.
Washing makeup off at night and using wipes post workout on face, chest and back prevents the bacteria from getting trapped under dead skin. Also, be patient with your skin. A pimple can take up to 3 months to actually form after that night you don’t wash your face. The reverse is true that it takes about 3 months for skin to completely clear up.
Exfoliate at least 2x a week to turn over cells. This prevents buildup and clogging.
Diet is also so important! Lots of greens and hydrating fruits. Dairy and other foods high in androgens (peanuts, shellfish) also trigger acne for a lot of women including myself. Almond and cashew butter are great substitutes.
Let skin breathe when working out – if you can remove makeup prior to coming into the studio, it’ll save your skin! On that note, going makeup free as often as possible lets the skin breathe.
Alcohol is dehydrating so pair it with non-alcoholic drinks.
Do. Not. Pick. If your mother taught you anything, don’t touch it! Digging into skin may release the top part of the breakout, but the rest gets pushed deeper into the skin and therefore you get that recurring pimple every month. Let a professional do it, and apply ice or a benzyl peroxide spot treatment. For deep cystic pimples, ingredients like sulfur get deep into the breakout as opposed to benzyl peroxide which will actually just dry the top layer of skin and not do much for a cystic breakout."

Donna Burke: "I’m not super into big skin routines, if I can’t do it in the shower, it’s not happening. I keep it simple and try not to change products too often. I workout more than any human ever should and the combination of the constant sweat, oils and drying out of my skin is making me keep more of a regimen. I’m also not down to spend $300 a month on skincare products….so I literally keep it Simple and use Simple Micellar water wipes after every class to get rid of the immediate sweat and drying issue. If I’m headed to a meeting or an event after class, I’ll even use them on the rest of my body to freshen up. I use all natural makeup from Bare Minerals and Exuviance to ensure my skin isn’t being bombarded with chemicals all day long. Honestly, sometimes I’m just too tired to wash my face at night, so the fact that my makeup is all natural is comforting. As far as my daily routine, I’m the girl who takes care of it all in the shower. I start with the basic, old-school Noxema cleanser and use my Olay ProX Microdermabrasion brush to work out my pores. I have huge, deep pores and need them to be cleansed regularly. Then I’ll use the Simple Facial Scrub twice a week after the microdermabrasion brush to really clear my pores. Once I get out of the shower, I use the Micellar Water wipes again to make sure all my eye makeup is gone. Then I top it all off with the Simple moisturizer. I also use Noxema as a body wash and dry brushing to keep my Keratosis Pilaris at bay, when you workout a lot and wear leggings all the time, it’s inevitable that you’ll develop it, but controlling it is key! Dry brushing is also known for fighting cellulite…I just hope it’s helping mine!"