Have you noticed every time you want to catch up with a friend, it’s always, "Let’s grab drinks," which leads to money spent, extra calories consumed, and many times, a hangover the next day.

We’ve noticed a shift in social trends over the last 6 months, with many of the FORME girls, including myself, going sober.
"…sober is the new party…"
I decided to do "No Drink November" in the fall after a slew of Saturday nights out and Sundays spent on the couch. I decided I wanted a better quality of weekend; weekends where I could enjoy Friday night, all day Saturday and all day Sunday.
My biggest fear? I am I going to be as much fun without drinking.
4 months later, with the occasional late night of imbibing, I can assure you, I am just as much fun, actually, more fun, when I’m sober. According to Well + Good& Glamour, I’m ahead of the trend, sober is the new party, there are even mocktail bars opening in NYC.
So, what do you do when you don’t go for drinks? First, you save almost $600 a month. Second, you learn to take care of yourself.
Here’s what I do with my friends now that I’m not drinking:

1. Mani-Pedi Dates: Drinks are just a venting sesh anyways, why do it when you’re drunk and yelling? Grab some pedicure appointments, turn on the massage chair, and relax while spilling all of your latest date deets without everyone around you hearing. Can’t afford to get regular mani/pedis? They cost the same amount as drinks & apps at your local restaurant, you can if you choose one!
2. Coffee & Chair Massages: Treat Your Feet has $35 body massages and $20 foot massages (30 minutes) where you can sit next to your friend fully clothed and relax while talking about how you want to quit your job. Grab a coffee next door to the Buckhead location at Caribou on Peachtree & Piedmont, and you’re set.

3. Workout & Brunch: Sober brunch is the new Sunday Funday. One mimosa never killed anybody, but 12 left us feeling like a train hit us Monday morning. Getting your sweat on before brunch makes you more conscious of your choices, and usually leads to a healthier brunch menu choice, and less feelings of guilt if you go for that chicken biscuit.
"..there’s more to life than mimosas and margs.."
4. Shopping Date: Want to know what that $100 a weekend you saved on booze can do? Buy you a whole new wardrobe. Seriously. I saved close to $1000 a month between alcohol, Ubers, and takeout food at 3am. $15 glasses of wine add up. $1000 buys you TWO pairs of Louboutins A MONTH. #realtalk

5. Blowouts & Festivals: Girl, you know there’s nothing better than someone else doing your hair. Grab your girls, go for blowouts, then go man shopping at the local festivals. Festival season is upon us, ladies!
My quality of life has vastly improved since I’ve quit drinking, and even on the nights where I do indulge, it just reminds me that I made the right decision. 99% of your life happens when you’re not drinking, so why do we always feel like we have to drink to have fun? Moral of this story: there’s more to life than mimosas and margs, but occasionally, a few of those are fun, too.