Our Spring kick off challenge is here, and it’s our annual 21 in 31 challenge, the Teeny Bikini Tone Up!

Your goal? To hit as many FORME classes as you can during the month of March. As soon as you hit the 21st class, you win a pretty sweet prize. Be the first to hit 21? Get $50 to spend at Lululemon!
While we’d love to let this be an absolute free for all, there are some rules you must follow in order to win the challenge. Don’t worry, they’re super simple and are to keep it fair!
1. Two-A-Days are welcome, but you can only hit TWO 2-a-days a week, and you may not take two high impact classes in one day (read: sculpt & cardio FORME). Back to back classes are also okay, but again no more than two a week.
2. Morning Madness: Hit any class before noon Monday – Friday and get entered to win the second $50 Lululemon gift card. Every morning class taken will be an additional entry. #riseandFORME, ladies! (Please use the sun stickers to denote your morning attendance!)
2. You are in charge of tracking your classes on the Teeny Bikini Tone Up board in the studio. Donna will verify the results, but if you forget to mark a day and someone else wins, we can’t help. Sorry!
3. Use your social media to motivate you! Use #getyourFORMEon and #TeenyBikiniToneUp so we can see them and share them! Tag @FORMEstudios, too!
4. Have fun! Don’t let this challenge add extra stress to your life. The real lesson is to find out when we can take classes and when we’re really just being lazy. There’s always a bigger goal with FORME challenges!
There yo have it! It’s easy as pie! Just get your bootay to FORME and put a little stick on the board! Email Donna to let her know you’re definitely in!