The girls at FORME are always up on the latest and greatest trends, but trends don’t stick around for long. So, what do the FORME girls swear they aren’t tossing aside?

Have you ever complained that your arm isn’t long enough for selfies? Or one handed texting is just too hard? #firstworldproblems We’ve got all of this solved, and a more comfortable way to hold your phone in the PopSocket. A disc that sticks onto the back of your phone that allows for more selfie taking length and keeping your pinky fingers free of "phone indents". Don’t worry, you can stick, unstick and remove it when you want! Buy one!

Speaking of selfies….we swear by our Lumee cases, the iPhone cases with the face illuminating lights. They dim, brighten and give that Kim K selfie perfection. Perfect for Snapchats in dimly lit bars or just adding that little oomph to an Insta. The Lumee Duonow has lights on the back so all of you can really capture your brunch pics in all their glory! Seriously though, get one!

Lauren P swears by Alo. Donna swears by Lorna Jane. Karly loves her Fabletics. No matter what brand, we love our high waisted styles that add that little bit of confidence and make sporting crop tops that much easier.

4. Kombucha:
Fizzy, fermented tea that has so many health benefits we just can’t stop loving it. Catch us in the fridge aisle at Sprouts, Whole Foods, or buying in bulk at Costco. We love this healthy alternative to soda and juice! (Pssst….mix it with wine for a healthy spritzer!) Currently 2 for $6 at Kroger!

5. Dry Shampoo:
Donna uses Lush "No Drought", and she & Alex also swear by Oribe Gold Lust. Hadley & Jelly use "Not Your Mother’s". Karly uses Kristen Ess’ new Target line. Lauren P uses Oribe "Foundation Mist" (but you need heat!). Lauren C uses whatever she can find in travel size. Dry shampoo is our saving grace heading from our classes to work, dinner or a date! We keep one everywhere we can! And when we don’t have access to our faves? Baby Powder always does the trick! Keep your eye on the blog for a whole post on dry shampoo from our in-house beauty guru, Lauren P!
There you have it! All the things we need to keep our phones in hand, hair in place and selfies on point.