I’m OBSESSED with Trader Joe’s. OB.SESSED. I love TJ’s because they make semi-homemade easy, and for all us busy babes on the go, we need that.
So, here are the 5 things I buy from Trader Joe’s every week to help me stay on track:

Photo: Trader Joes
1. Cauliflower Rice: Seriously, I don’t even like cauliflower, but this stuff has changed the game. Replace any kind of rice dish with the cauliflower rice, and you can’t even tell. Eating it alone? I’d suggest cooking it with a couple cloves of garlic to cover the cauliflower taste. Sprinkle in some salt & pepper, you’re good to go! (You can find it either refrigerated or frozen aisle! Both are organic, non-gmo!)

Photo: Spindrift
2. Spindrift Seltzer: You like La Croix? You’ll LOVE Spindrift. Made with real fruits crushed in the seltzer water, they have more flavor and just as few calories. (Use them on the weekends to make cocktails, and you’re set!)

Photo: Google
3. Refrigerated, Shelled Edamame: Eat it cold. Eat it heated with salt. Season with some of the Everything But The Bagel seasoning. Add it to every. single. meal. Edamame has more protein than most meats, it’s great to up the protein and feel more full for lower cals!
4. Soy & Flax Chips w/Peach Salsa: Did you know flax is really healthy, but only if it’s ground down? Which means these chips are super healthy, give you the feel of tortilla chips and are delicious! I love the peach salsa because it has that sweet & tangy flavor that keeps me going in the afternoon without grabbing candy.

Photo: Brie My Love
5. Spicy Dried Mango: If you love spicy foods, you have to grab a bag of these. I love to nosh on them before classes to get a bump of sugar and get my metabolism going to keep it in high gear all day.