We’re huge fans of anything that makes being healthy easier, and when I bought my first PeachDish at Whole Foods, it was purely out of the need to get a meal cooked FAST. I was running late, per usual, and needed to get to the store and get a meal on the table before we headed out for an event that evening. Whole Foods was on my way home, so I flew in and saw these pre-packaged meals that I could just cook and be done. THANK THE LORD was my only thought.
Honestly, I’ve tried other prepacked meals before and have had zero luck. I always open them to find a 1000 calorie per serving meal that barely feeds me, let alone my boyfriend. PeachDish was different, it was all organic, locally sourced ingredients and healthy to boot!! The BF kept saying the meal was so good, and okay, maybe I didn’t tell him the meal wasn’t EXACTLY all me, but he didn’t need to know!
Fast forward to me finding out I could order PeachDish online! Holy. Game Changer. I logged into PeachDish.com and chose my meals for the next week, they were delivered to my house on Tuesday and I had healthy meals I didn’t have to think about until Saturday. My favorite part is that they have options for vegetarian, Pescatarian, and even Gluten Free. Here are pics of just a few of the meals I made:
(Pictured: Vegetarian Pearl Couscous w/ tomatoes & sprouts, Pork Hot Pot w/Snap Beans & Smoked Chicken Sausage Maque Choux)
All of these took less than 30 minutes, and while I know how to cook, I didn’t know any of these recipes, so ANYONE of any cooking level can do this. The recipe cards even tell you temperatures and lengths to cook each individual item. See the video at the end for a "live" cooking demo from my kitchen!
We actually loved PeachDish so much we slid into their DMs and got in touch with the amazing team at their Atlanta HQ! They loved us so much they’re giving you

$15 off your first order at PeachDish.com with promocode FORME!

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Here’s a video of me channeling my best Julia Child, and failing. Live cooking is super difficult!