We all do it. We scroll through Instagram and Facebook sending memes to friends while laughing about “how true it is”! Looking back at the memes I was sending or was being sent, I realized that while these things were funny, they were highlighting and glorifying the things I was trying to change about myself.

They say that you’re a culmination of the 5 people you hang out with most, but in a virtual world, are we also a culmination of the social media profiles we follow? I’m inspired by my healthy, happy friends and kind of offended when someone tags me in a meme they think is “so me”, but isn’t the person I see myself being.

I scrolled through my Instagram and started to unfollow all of the accounts posting “relatable memes” about drinking, bad dates/relationships and being lazy, then started following more accounts that aligned with where I wanted to go with my life. I followed Gabby Bernstein, Sara Blakely, Bethanney Frankel, The Wing, and so many more #girlboss women and companies. People I aspired to be like. People who made me get up in the morning after seeing their Insta story of the 3am wake up call for a TV interview, not people who posted about a hangover on a Monday morning because #SundayFunday. I also started following interior designers and fashion brands to inspire me to create a better home and better self. I realigned my priorities with the things I wanted out of life, not the things I thought would make me “cool”.

The second tier to my social clean up was to also consider that I was making my friends feel the same way by sending “funny” memes with messages like “you. Last night.” If I felt disappointed in myself when I was sent one, why was I creating a culture where I made my friends feel the same way? So I pulled back, and stopped sending memes at all, then after a few weeks, started sending funny memes again, but not ones that spoke to anyone’s mistakes or misfortunes. I still got the same laughs, but I hoped I made my friends smile rather than question themselves.

I can say that my social stream cleanse has, in fact, made me happier and pushes me to achieve my goals. My feed empowers me rather than giving me pause, and while every now and then, a meme pops up that I would have stressed over for relating to, I’m finding that they don’t have the same effect. I’m relating to my new lifestyle, not the meme lifestyle.

So, think about your life. What you love about it, what you don’t love about it, and what you want to love about it. Then hit your social media feeds and start making decisions. Unfollow the things you don’t like about your life and add some accounts that make you strive for your best! Want to start your own business? Follow @GaryVee. Want to find happiness? Follow @gabbybernstein. Want to get healthier and live a balanced life? Follow @TheFashionFitnessFoodie.

Edit what you look at every day to tailor your future. Manifest it in your social media feed. Put it in front of you. If you’re perfectly happy, then keep doing what you’re doing, girl!

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