Sneakers are made in all different fabrics, support levels and for all different sports. Wearing the wrong ones can create issues while exercising that you may think is from the workout, but can be solved with a simple purchase of new shoes! Everyone’s body is different, and we search for the perfect swimsuit for our body type, so why aren’t we just as picky with our sneaker purchases?

Pronation, supination, knock kneed, unlevel hips, you name it, your FORME instructors have it, and we’ve tested the gamut of shoes to help you get through our classes with only that sweet, sweet muscle burn you come to class for, no other aches and pains!

When Hadley first started teaching cardio FORME, she was complaining about her lower back and feet hurting. From experience, I knew this was an impact problem. Her back taking the impact of the cardio versus her ankles, knees and hips. But why? Hadley was wearing a pair of low profile, Skechers walking shoes for high impact cardio, aka zero support. After a few weeks of hounding her, she went to the Nike store and purchased a pair of Nike Air Zoom Strong shoes. These shoes are built for cross training and have a foot support strap which took away her foot pain, and the support in the sole of the shoe redistributed the impact from the cardio through the sole of her shoe and her joints properly. Problem. Solved!

For me, I struggled with many injuries from past sports and workouts. I need a shoe with the highest level of support, so I wear the Nike Pegasus and the Zoom Pegasus for cardio FORME. This is Nike’s most supportive running shoe, which works well for me. Jelly sports the Nike Free 5.0, which is the most supportive of the Free collection, and Lauren C  wears the Adidas Pure Boost that hug her high arches and give her support.

But why do we always wear different shoes for cardio and SCULPT?

Do you need to, too?

SCULPT is a low impact, balanced based cardio class. When searching for the perfect shoe for this class, we wanted a low profile, almost barefoot style shoe that let our feet do the work. The more sole of a shoe that you have, the less impression your feet can make with the ground. Our foot sensors help our body maintain our balance, and being close to the ground helps with that.

We recommend the Nike Free TR 6APLNew Balance Minimus, and the Nike Lunar Glide to keep you close to the ground but still get support while moving around the studio!

But you’re not an activewear expert? How do you find the right pair for you? We suggest heading to one of our favorite local running specialty stores, West Stride on W Paces Ferry or Big Peach (multiple locations). Explain you’re doing high impact cross training for cardio FORME and let them test your gait. Or let them know you need a low profile, barefoot type of shoe for a low impact, dance based class. They’ll be able to get you set up!