You’re sitting at work, and you’re getting hungry. You co-worker suggests Chipotle, immediately you think of that burrito, but remember you’re having sushi and drinks with the girls tonight and both of those things aren’t considered balanced nutrition. Then your boss asks you to have a working lunch meeting, but by then you’ll be starving. Like, SO STARVING, and you’re wondering what to do.

Currently, I’m sitting in Starbucks responding to emails while listening to Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, and thinking about how working from home and not working from an office has really helped me be able to take care of myself better. My hours didn’t allow me to meal prep and bring food, and, to be honest, when I did prep, I forgot it in the fridge because that’s me. I also worked far, far away where food apps don’t work, so if I didn’t bring healthy food, I was eating at McDonald’s or the local BBQ joint.

Why Do You Care?

You don’t work in the boondocks. You work where convenience lives, and now it’s time to use that phone you’re sitting reading this blog and scrolling Insta on for your power and your health! We consistently use the excuses, “I’m too busy” or “I’m too tired”, but #realtalk, it’s bullsh*t. We can order a car online and have it delivered in 2 days to our driveways because that’s the exact car we want, so WHY are we sitting in our offices settling for the free snacks that we don’t *really* want, make us feel terrible, and trigger a huge amount of guilt?
Why are we reaching for FREE? We’re worth that Instacart order of a week’s worth of fresh fruit and Greek yogurt to store in the office fridge that we have delivered to the office. We’re WORTH the Postmates order of a smoothie from Sama Food for Balance or Dtox delivered to the office in the middle of the day.
You are guac, honey, not free salsa. You. Are. Worth. It.

So, What Can You Do To Be More Balanced On-The-Go?

Use your phone as a powerful health tool and an even more powerful organization tool. Order your lunch before you get hungry so you aren’t a slave to the cravings. It typically takes 45-60 minutes for food to be delivered. Set an alarm an hour before your lunch break, open Uber Eats and grab a great, healthy meal. Personally, I love Mediterranean (Café Agora is my fave), Kale Me Crazy, or Sama Food For Balance.

But What If Someone Judges Me For My Healthy Lifestyle?

*rolls eyes* Yeah, I am high maintenance when it comes to my health because when that person is spending $500 on his next doctor bill because he has the flu AGAIN. You can thank your healthy snacks for fueling your immune system, and saving you on doctor bills and medications.
That’s my healthy life hack for today, FORME girls.  How will you use your phone to power your life today? I’m grabbing a Starbucks protein box before I head to the studio for classes and personal training sessions tonight!
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