Real talk, last week was tough for me and it was hard to find balance and staying healthy was hard. Life popped up in the middle of us trying to keep it together and pushed us slightly off track. The weekend hit, and I wanted to stress eat tacos all day every day, but I also want to hit my goals sooner than later. So, what do you do?

I indulged in Indian and wine Friday night, then fries and wine on Saturday. How in the world did I make the choice to bounce back and get back on track Sunday?

You know after a break up when you’re doing great, life is good, and then it hits. All of a sudden your ex texts right at the moment you’re having a weak moment? He’s all like, “Hey” and you’re like, “oooohhhh…do I say hello? No! Remember the way you felt yesterday. I felt amazing! I did not feel like that with him! Stay Strong!” I feel like health and fitness are like that, too. Our old lifestyle pops up during stressful times to remind us of how easy it used to be. Was it really all that great though? Sometimes we go back to it and realize our mistake. Sometimes, we use our brains and realize we’re better off.

Here’s some ways to get back on track when those old ways start to creep up after getting pushed slightly off track:

  1. Find Friends Who Support Your Health Goals:

    For some reason, our friends are here for it for our work goals, relationship goals, and travel goals, but when it comes to skipping Wine Down Wednesday for a workout? They guilt you about it. What’s up with that? My friends texted about lunch on Sunday, so I replied with, “Can we do something healthy though? Chopt?” A resounding “YES!” came through. My friends and I know that when we’re all on track, we’re all better for it.

  2. Think About The Most Recent Milestone You Hit:

    Recently, I realized I’d lost about 12lbs since January. I was THRILLED. Saturday, when I wanted to order another glass of wine and a burger, I didn’t. I opted to just order some fries to share with the table instead and switched to water. Wasn’t having any less fun. I just wasn’t going overboard because overboard is what got me to where I didn’t want to be. Nate and I ate dinner at home instead, and saved a million calories.

  3. Get Enough Sleep:

    Being tired drives us to be lazy, and laziness drives us to poor choices. We cancel our workouts, don’t make conscious choices for meals, leading us back to ground zero. If we get enough sleep, we are able to take on the day with a clear mind and energy to fuel us. Friends guilt you for going home? Embrace your inner grandma or perfect the Irish Goodbye.

  4. Ask Yourself “Will This Make Me Feel Better?”

    As stressed as I was, tacos were not going to take away my problems. They were going to add to them. So, I decided on Sunday that if I felt great, I was going to be able to conquer these issues that were popping up. I felt awesome Sunday afternoon post Chopt with the girls; did a little work, talked about the studio with Hadley, hung out with Nate, made a healthy dinner, and felt confident heading into the new week that I could figure it all out.

  5. Write It All Down:

    I use my Lose It App to track my calories so I know where I am on a daily basis. Some days I’m over, some days I’m under, it all evens out if you’re paying attention. I don’t stop there though. When it’s just really hard, I write it all down on paper. I have so many journals laying around, so I’ll write my goals back down and how I’m feeling. Sometimes I just text one of my health conscious friends and have a good old bitch session about it.

This week’s email had some thoughts on writing down weekly events to help keep us on track. If stress keeps knocking you off path this might be a way to combat it! There’s no one size fits all plan that will keep everyone on track. Find what triggers your downfalls, and find a solution.

Workouts are more fun with friends anyways, so tell your friends to join you at FORME prior to heading out for the night or weekend! You’ll all make healthier choices, and maybe you’ll get a permanent workout buddy out of it!