Getting over gym intimidation is the first step to working out. I still go to other gyms, especially when I’m traveling and I know the feeling all too well. You’re nervous. You need to find parking. You don’t know if you can make it through a full hour. What do you wear? Where is the equipment? Will people be nice to me? What if I trip and fall? The intimidation spiral is REAL!

I’ve been to a lot of studios at this point, and I now know how to make myself feel the most comfortable and even sometimes looking like a total pro!

Here’s my 5 Tips For Overcoming Gym Intimidation:

  1. Channel Your Inner Stalker: We social media stalk our exes, so why not our new gym? You can find a wealth of information on your new studio’s Instagram and Facebook pages. Check their stories for the everyday vibe of the studio and its patrons, as well as their workouts. You’ll find snippets of the workouts, links to their instructor’s instagrams, and you’ll get a feeling for if their your tribe. Follow the instructors’ profiles, too! Engage with them on their social media feed, and you’ll feel more comfortable going to their classes! Head to our Instructor Bio page and you can link through to our instructors’ Instagram profiles!
  2. Google It: Hit google maps for a virtual tour of the studio. Drag and drop the little man, so you can take a walking tour of the location, find the closest parking, and read reviews and helpful tips other people have left behind! Maybe even do a drive by so you know exactly where you’re headed so you’re not frazzled for your first class.
  3. Take a Virtual Class: So many studios have online memberships now. You can test out a class at your house or just watch it to have an idea of what you’re getting into. Instagram feeds will have 1 minute snippets, but some studios will have Instagram live classes or pre-recorded classes on IGTV! A great way to learn some of the movements so you don’t feel completely lost!
  4. Phone A Friend: I bet you a free class you have a friend interested in trying out that new workout. When you follow the studio on Instagram, look to see which of your friends follows them, too. This it easier to reach out and ask! It’s more fun to workout with a friend, anyway, and it’s a great preface to hitting dinner or drinks for catching up!
  5. Same, Same, but Different: Always remember that we’re all at the gym for a series of the same reasons. Maybe not exactly the same, but most likely everyone is there to lose weight, de-stress, make friends, or find health. Honestly, a little of all of those. We’re all there for a great workout, and are so focused on not dying that we aren’t looking at each other. Unless we’re finding someone to shoot an “is this instructor serious?” look when she announces a 4 minute plank series.

Headed out of town and want to workout in the hotel gym? Have no clue where to start? You can always stay in your room and do a virtual FORME workout or download the Tone It Up app.  Follow along with their great, simple workouts that work in any gym!

Intimidated to come to FORME? Don’t be! Our instructors are some of the nicest people in the city, and you can be sure that I’m tripping over a mat during the workout! We’re not perfect, and we don’t expect anyone else to be either. Come be an every girl with us!

So, head to our Instagram and stalk away! We’ve got lots of content for you to get a good feel for the workouts, and follow our instructors so you can get to know them (and their dogs), too! See you at the studio soon!