I love the FORME girls because they multi-talented and diverse women! Jenny Pereira, a 500 class club member at FORME is giving us all the tips for who you must see, bands you might like, and where to find the next big thing! Here it is, Jenny’s Guide to Shaky Knees!


Every year, Shaky Knees brings some of the best bands in indie rock to the ATL for three days.  Many of these bands have you wondering if they’re real bands or just some weird names pulled out of a hat and placed on the schedule. Have no fear!  I’m here to organize your schedule by vibe.

Indie rock ladies are well represented this year:

Here are a few of the highlights:
The Joy Formidable – Piedmont Stage at 2:55PM Friday
Sharon Von Etten – Peachtree Stage at 3:40PM Friday 
Liz Phair – Piedmont Stage at 4:25PM Friday
Soccer Mommy – Criminal Records Stage at 7:30PM Saturday
Lucy Dacus – Criminal Records Stage at 2:45PM Sunday

Looking to hear some guitar-driven rock that may induce a little head banging?
Idles – Ponce de Leon Stage at 2:55PM Friday 
Fidlar – Piedmont Stage at 6:30PM Saturday
Interpol – Peachtree Stage at 7:30PM Saturday
Gary Clark Jr – Piedmont Stage at 8:30PM Saturday 
Foals – Peachtree Stage at 6:30PM Sunday

Looking to say “Oh I’ve heard this song on the radio”?
Dashboard Confessional – 6:25PM Friday 
Incubus – Piedmont Stage at 7:25PM Friday
Tears for Fears – Piedmont Stage at 8:25PM Friday
Beck – Peachtree Stage at 9:25PM Friday 
The Dandy Warhols – Ponce de Leon Stage at 8:30PM Saturday
Cage The Elephant – Peachtree Stage at 9:30PM Saturday
Grouplove –  Peachtree Stage at 4:30PM Sunday
Maggie Rogers – Piedmont Stage at 7:30PM Sunday

Hidden Gems:
Low Cut Connie – Ponce de Leon Stage at 1:25PM Friday
Curtis Harding – Peachtree Stage at 2:10PM Friday
Bad Books – Peachtree Stage at 3:45PM Saturday
Slothrust – Ponce de Leon Stage at 2:00PM Sunday

Finally, FORME Ladies, if you’re not entirely sure who you should see just head to the Criminal Records stage.  It’s less crowded and every single band there is possibly the next big thing.
If you see Jenny in your 5:30pm classes this week and next, give her a HUGE thank you! Want to write a blog about something you love? Shoot us an email! We love guest blogs!


If you’re looking to head to the festival and see all these bands, you’re probably wondering how you can be the healthiest festival goer at Shaky Knees! I’ve been to plenty of festivals, and start the weekend knowing that you’re going to eat and drink, so don’t feel guilty about having fun! This is why we workout at FORME!
But if you want to try to make a few small changes to make a big difference, here are the best ways to do that!

Best Food Trucks:

  • Bento Bus Japanese Inspired Bowls
  • Bhojanic
  • Chipotle Burrito Bowl
  • Greek Tavern Mediterranean Wraps
  • The Beet Box (Vegan)
  • Wonton Tacos (gluten free, vegan, vegetarian)

You can also come and go on your wrist bands. Grant Park has a ton of great food joints! Krog Street is also close by if you have a break in your music schedule! You’ll find larger menus and shorter lines if you leave the festival for a minute!

Best Low Calorie, Low Sugar Drink Options:

  • Vodka with Water & 2 lemons (tastes like lemon water!)
  • Vodka with Soda & lemons/limes
  • Tequila with Soda & 2 limes & a lemon (skinny marg!)
  • Light Beers over IPAs
  • Mike’s Hard Lemonade is a sponsor, so look for their LITE products if you still want something sweet. It’s still packed with 14g of sugar, so still be careful with these guys!

Pro Tip: NEVER order tonic in your drinks! There’s over 25g of sugar in each serving. It’s essentially a clear soda!

We want you to have as much fun as possible, so make sure you enjoy yourself responsibly! Don’t drink and drive, don’t text your ex, and don’t take drinks from strangers. I’ll be there in my festival gear, so keep an eye out and let’s dance it out!

Use #FORMEfestival to share your FORME busy babe balance tips and dancing to songs you hear in the studio! Can’t wait to have the most fun ever! xox-DB