Summer is here, which means we need to change up our beauty routine. If you’re like me, you need a little help in the tanning department, and also something to help when the sun turns you into a lobster. Your skin is your largest organ, so I’ve been slowly switching my lotions & potions to be more organic and less chemical.

5 Must Have Products for Summer

  1. Tan Luxe Tan Drops: The MECCA of tanning products. Concentrated tanning oil drops that you can drop into your current moisturizer or body oil? Sign me up! More of a gradual tan, so you’ll need to apply it for a few days for a dark tan, but this means it won’t give you the splotchy knees and ankles regular self tanners do. I drop about 4 drops into my Urb Apothecary Rosehip Body oil in my hand, then just rub it in. Repeat for every body part. I like to use it in body oil vs lotion because they spread better together and hydrate my skin more. Bonus: it’s formulated with natural ingredients.
  2. Urb Apothecary Sun Worshipper Serum: At the dawn of spring, I sat on a rooftop with Hadley and had a few margs, but also turned into a lobster. Enter the Sun Worshipper oil. I slathered my shoulders and back in this face & body oil and when I woke up, my burn was 80% better. A few days later, it was gone and never peeled. Fair skinned ladies, rejoice! Buy it in the Self-Care Store at the studio!
  3. Coola Organic Sunscreen: No harmful products in this amazing line of sun protection. I first picked it up at Raw Bronzing, and have been a slave to it ever since. It’s nice and thick, so you don’t have to use a ton, but also gives great protection over a long day at the beach. They also make a great tinted moisturizer ¬†and spf makeup setting spray for every day! Protect your skin from the sun, it’s so important to your health!
  4. Raw Bronzing Membership: Your skin really is your largest organ, and it’s soaking in so many chemicals from our usual tanning products. Grab a Raw membership so you can tan 4 times a month for the entire summer. Raw uses organic tanning spray to get you bronzed without the chemical side effects. $115 for the membership, first month is 25% off!
  5. ColorScience Powder Sunscreen: When it’s super hot and sweaty, getting sunscreen to rub in on top of your makeup is a disaster. I keep this in my purse all summer long to protect me from the sun as well as keep my makeup looking fresh! It seems pricey at $65, but it lasts forever!

Share your purchase with us on social media and tell your friends! Did you see my faux glow this weekend from my Tan Luxe tanner? I looked amazing at my bridal shower thanks to it!