What’s your goal?

Lose weight? Build muscle? Gain weight?  Improve your overall wellness? Reset your mindset with food and fitness?

We’re here to set up a plan for you, check in every day, and teach you tools to take into your life to be successful for good. Set up a consultation call so we can chat through what a good plan is for you and your lifestyle. It’s never a one size fits all program!



Your employees perform better when they are mentally and physically healthy. Let us design a program for you to help them better themselves and your organization.

We can work up a program that varies from a 1 hour presentation with Q&A, a one to two day workshop, or even a monthly recurring program to coach your team to their healthiest and most balanced lives. 

Set up a consultation call to determine what is the best fit for your company.



We still teach fitness classes, too! Sign up for BarreFusion at 6pm on Tuesdays and BarreFusion LIFT on Thursdays at 6pm. 

Please note: FORME classes are now located inside FIT360 on Miami Circle. You must pre-register so we know who to expect.





The first step is the hardest, but also the easiest. Sign up for a free consultation call where we can discuss your life, lifestyle, and previous struggles with other programs. 

Corporate wellness consultations will be 30 minutes to get an overview of your organization and what your goals are for your employees. We’ll discuss dates, length, and overall structure. 


Communication is key. Once we’ve had our private consultation, we’ll move to planning what your program looks like based on your day to day. We focus on eating food to fuel our lives, making small changes that lead to big results, and exercising for health and strength.

Corporate events require weekly meetings to determine all needs, such as presentations, AV, and schedules. We work closely with your team to design a dynamic program that fits your culture.



For private clients, we require a 90 day commitment to teach you the information you need to take into life. We’ll be in touch daily to ensure you have the changes you need to make immediately versus a week later. We’re your accountability team and are here every step of the way.

Corporate wellness begins with one day and can become an on-going partnership. When your event is complete, we’ll follow up to ensure your employees are getting the most from our program!


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What My Clients Are Saying..

This program has changed the way I see food and exercise. Donna helped me see that calories aren’t bad, carbs are good, and eating more helped me lose weight.


Past Client

As someone with a past eating disorder, Donna has shown me that there are no bad foods, no bad days, and that eating is fueling me to a better life. 


Past Client


It’s so simple. Just one conversation to see if you like our style. 


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