We created FORME studios to be the “every girl’s” studio. A place where everyone feels at home and gathers for a fun workout. We believe in balanced living and creating a life that is healthy and well-lived. The #FORMEfamily is important to us and we cultivate a positive community by having FORME social club; a monthly outing where we gather to make new friends and enjoy healthier cocktails and events that help make us the best version of ourselves.

We believe in scaling the workout so that everyone gets the most enjoyment and work for their level. We can scale all workouts for many injuries or ailments, but please email us to discuss the appropriate actions to take so we can be sure to make this the best experience possible.

We look forward to you becoming part of the #FORMEfamily!


DONNA BURKEFounder & Master Instructor, NASM, CPT-CNC
Donna launched FORME’s signature Barre Fusion class in 2014 after suffering an injury that ended her running and high-impact workout career. She had been a boutique fitness addict, but wanted an affordable, welcoming atmosphere that every woman could feel comfortable in. In July 2015, she opened the first FORME studio and started building the FORME community.
She has been featured in magazines, on National TV and on the radio as a health, fitness, activewear and wellness expert, is an AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor, NASM Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Coach, Adult & Pediatric AED/CPR/First Aid certified, trained in traditional barre technique and bootybarre.
HADLEY HICKNERMaster Instructor
Hadley is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist hailing from Detroit, Michigan. She moved to Atlanta to pursue a career in public health nutrition after completing her Masters degree in 2014. Hadley grew up as a dancer and still loves incorporating fun, dance-inspired activity into her daily workout (which is why she loves FORME!)

When she’s not shakin’ it at the studio, Hadley loves cooking, exploring urban trails and day hikes and relaxing with friends. She completed her FORME training in February 2016 and we love having her!

Lauren is an Atlanta native and a graduate of Tulane University with a full-time career in the beauty & sales industry. As a former varsity swimmer at Tulane, she found herself out of college looking for a workout she loved. After starting as a client and dropping 15lbs in 3 months, Lauren trained to join the instructor team. Her amazing personality makes class twice as much fun, and her love of planks will get your tummy tightened!
Lauren completed her FORME BarreFusion training in August 2016 and is known for making friends with every client!
Ashley is a North Carolina native who is currently obsessed with her new puppy, Chestnut! She was introduced to FORME through ClassPass and brings amazing, positive, fun energy to her classes! She loves to run, but is using barre to help strengthen her hips after an IT band injury!

Ashley completed her BarreFusion training in October 2017 and has been packing out classes since day 1! She’s know for being a silent killer, class is so fun you don’t realize the burn until the next day

Meghan IrwinInstructor
Meghan grew up just outside of Atlanta and attended the University of Georgia for college. One of the biggest Dawgs fans we know, you’ll find Meghan in Athens for most home games or hanging out with her family on other weekends. Meghan is known for being super motivational during class while keeping it real and telling hysterical jokes that give you an extra core workout!

Our resident wanderlust gal with a passion for music, you can talk to Meghan about travel all day everyday. Ask her about her 3 week stint in Greece or when she lived in Southeast Asia for 3 months! Meghan became a BarreFusion instructor during the summer of 2015, and we’re so glad she’s here!

Leslie is a former collegiate swimmer and Atlanta native who found FORME through ClassPass. After searching for studios that made her feel at home, Leslie became a FORME member and promptly started teacher training! When she’s not at the studio, you can find her at work at CHOA and traveling the world!

Leslie finished her BarreFusion SCULPT certification in April 2018, but is already a FORME girl favorite

Meredith is originally from Charlotte, NC, and received a PR degree from the University of South Carolina – Columbia! Full-time, shes a content guru and enjoys travelling all over the world! Outside of the studio, you’ll find Meredith at concerts and Atlanta United games with her friends! Inside the studio, you’ll find her teaching our cardioFORME class! She’s known for killing you with kindness while using the best motivational phrases to keep you going!

Meredith joined the FORME family after receiving her cardioFORME certification in June 2018!

Caroline McCarthyInstructor
Caroline is another Atlanta native who also studied at the University of Georgia! Caroline studied Public Relations at UGA and now works at a PR firm! Her genuine joy for life is brought into her classes, and we love how much fun she has while teaching! When she’s not in the studio, you can catch her hanging out with friends and family eating the lasagna pizza at Antico, trying new restaurants, and hitting other classes at FORME! She loves that she can come to the studio to forget about the outside world, but also be surrounded by a group of truly supportive women.

We love her positive attitude and are excited to have her on staff! Caroline became certified in cardioFORME in February 2019!

Olivia BasselInstructor
Olivia is another Atlanta native and another UGA graduate! After studying Marketing at UGA, Olivia moved to Atlanta for a job in digital marketing at a large retail firm. You’ll find Olivia taking and teaching classes at the studio, as FORME has been a huge part in creating a healthy, balanced life for her. She was introduced to FORME through one of her best friends, and a fellow instructor, Caroline.

Outside the studio you’ll find her cheering on the Dawgs, and hanging out with friends and family. Olivia is know for her genuine encouragment and perfect form! We are so excited to have her on board! Olivia completed her SCULPT training in May 2019.