1 Hour Consultation: $ 125

Must be booked prior to any individual
or membership sessions.

Monthly Accountability: $89/month autobill

Bi-Weekly Membership: $159/month autobill

Weekly Membership: $286/month autobill

FORME fitness membership holders receive an additional 10% off.

Single Session: $98

Four Sessions: $349

Eight Sessions: $628

Best Results: 1 session per week.
Please book consult prior to purchasing sessions.



No idea where to even begin? Or failed so many times you think it’s never going to happen? This is where you begin!

The initial consultation will be a one hour virtual Zoom call or in-person meeting with our nutrition coach.

You’ll discuss:

  • Your lifestyle, work habits, general eating, and cooking habits
  • Anything that may impact your journey
  • How you as a person deal with difficulties
  • How we can use your specific personality type to hit your goals faster
  • Calculate your Resting Metabolic Rate
  • Determine your best course of action

Your coach will send you an individualized fitness & nutrition plan based on your goals, grocery shopping list, and busy babe cookbook after your session! From here you can follow up with a membership option or individual sessions based on your self-motivation and personality type!

*Please note, we will ask you to take a few quizzes and log a food journal prior to your nutrition consult so we have a baseline!


Individual sessions are your 30 minute virtual accountability sessions. You schedule them when you feel like you need a check-in.

What’s included:

  • Review of your daily/weekly food journals
  • Individualized tips/tricks to help you
  • Support through difficult to navigate situations (work dinners, travel, etc)
  • Goal tracking & Accountability
  • Updated nutrition plans when you plateau

We suggest a weekly or bi-weekly session for those who need to be held accountable to stay on track. For those who are more self-motivated, we suggest every 3-4 weeks as a check-in.


Bi-weekly membership: Individual Session EVERY OTHER Week

Weekly Membership: Individual Session EVERY Week

You get everything included in the individual sessions, as well as twice weekly emails from your coach on top of your bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) or weekly (once a week) Zoom calls with your coach!

We suggest this plan for people looking to hit big goals or who haven’t been able to motivate themselves to stay on track. We are your support system, and we’re here to keep you going no matter what! If you’ve been trying everything by yourself and just can’t seem to be consistent, this is for you!


Any session canceled within 12 hours of the session start will be deducted from the client’s account. Any client who does not show up for a session will be charged an additional $50 no show fee.

Memberships can be canceled with 30 days notice and require a 3 month minimum to get ideal results from the program. If you’ve done everything the program has asked of you, we will refund your monthly membership fees for those 3 months. That’s our guarantee!