Week 2 of 2020, and boy, last week felt like it was a year-long and the motivation to continue to stick with our resolutions feels like it’s about to slip away. While we’d love to give you these feel-good ways of sticking to your resolutions, we’d like to keep it real and tell you how we stay motivated to hit our goals. Even when we’re exhausted.

  1. Figure Out Your “Tendency” Type: According to Gretchen Rubin, we’re all one of four tendencies. Once I figured out I was an Obliger, the way I set my goals changed. I knew that I never followed through on my goals when only I knew about them, and I also knew I was REALLY motivated by competition and outsiders knowing my goals. So, click here to take the quiz and hack the way you hit your goals!
  2. Make A New Workout Friend: We swear to our besties that we’re “totally going to make that 6 am SCULPT class,” but the reality is that your best friend won’t get mad at you for shooting that “not going” text at 5:55 am. We suggest working out with friends who are kind of new to you, so you’ll feel the obligation to go and not disappoint them, but also have more time to get to know them better! Making new studio friends is a great way to do this! The girl on the mat next to you 4 days a week? Chat with her and make a plan together, everyone is searching for a little more accountability! Or download Bumble for friends or Activvely, an app specifically for finding workout buddies!
  3. Ask Your Instructors For Help: Your instructors check their rosters every hour because we LOVE tailoring our classes to our FORME girls! So, we see when you register and cancel. Have your fave FORME instructor keep you on track just by asking them to tag you on social media about upcoming classes! Miss a couple of classes? We’ll be emailing, DM-ing, or texting you to find out what’s going on!
  4. Use the 5 Minute Rule: A rule for procrastination and fatigue, the five-minute rule gets me up and going every time. Essentially, do whatever the task (or workout) is for 5 minutes. If after 5 minutes, it’s completely unbearable, stop and do it another time. For fatigue, sit or lay down and set an alarm for 5 minutes. If you fall asleep during those 5 minutes, you should cancel your workout and allow for rest. If not, you get up and get to class.
  5. Use Your Social: Post your workout schedule on social media and check it off every day publicly. Maybe it feels obnoxious to you, but your friends care more about you hitting your goals than having a small amount of workout content hit their stories. People will be proud of you for hitting those classes, not annoyed you’re posting about it.

Have any other tips on how to stay motivated other than the standard ones we read in every new year post? Share a screenshot of this on Instagram, tag @formestudios, and tell us your tip! We’ll share it for everyone to try!